The top tortilla


By DANI BARRAZA, Staff Reporter |

I’ve had my share of tortillas throughout my life, being Hispanic and all, and I can tell you which ones are the best. You’re probably thinking it’s tortillas from a restaurant but I’m here to prove you wrong.

I can taste the difference between what I consider fake tortillas and what I consider real tortillas. Fake tortillas taste too doughy. Real tortillas taste floury and makes your mouth water.

I’m not going to sit here and call out the restaurants that have fake tortillas and I’m not going to name the places that have real tortillas. Some people might get offended and I can’t have that since I’m a broke college student that simply couldn’t afford a lawsuit or getting sued.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for, I’m going to tell you about the best tortillas I’ve ever had and how they’re made.

The best tortillas I’ve ever had are homemade by my granny. She’s my dad’s mom and an excellent cook. She cooks Mexican dishes all the time and every single one I’ve tried has been good whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner food.

The way she makes these tortillas starts with making the dough. I’m not entirely sure how she makes the dough but I’m pretty sure she puts a secret ingredient in there that makes them taste amazing.

She then divides the dough into small portions. After they’re divided, she puts a small amount of flour on the counter (after it’s clean) and rolls it out into circles with a rolling pin.

After the tortillas are rolled out, she puts them on the burner individually and lets them cook just right. After they’re cooked she puts them in a plastic bag, so they stay fresh for a while.

Every time she makes tortillas, she brings us a whole bag of them. She doesn’t have to travel all the way from Borger to Amarillo to give us some tortillas, but she does.

Having her homemade tortillas will change your life for the better and will make you judge every single tortilla you eat in the future. I’m so thankful for her, her cooking, and everything she does for us.


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